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All the Beauty in the World


There are thousands of travel blogs on the web, along with millions of photographs. What is there about THIS website that might make you want to read on? 
  • Really cool road trips! An eight week pilgrimage to Denali and back that covered 13,000 miles and passed through 24 National Parks. An 8,000 mile loop through Mexico that took in fourteen sets of Mayan ruins, five colonial cities, and three major street festivals. What’s it really like to go whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon? What’s the best route through Vermont to see the splendor of the autumn leaves? It’s more about the journey than it is about the destination. The road has been my lifelong friend. The road is the most important character in my story.
  • Beautiful photography! Every post to my blog is accompanied by an over-sized gallery of professionally rendered photographs that will delight and amaze you.
  • Details! Who, what, where, when, and why! I take a deep dive into all there is to know about the routes and destinations that I feature, and I’ll give you context, in terms of history, geology, and unique aspects of culture. 
  • Travel advice: If you might be interested in visiting any of these amazing places yourself, especially if you’re the sort who prefers to travel on your own, without a guided tour? I’ll give you insider tips, on how to make your way to and through the destinations that I feature.
  • Photo tips and tricks: If you’re a photographer and you like my photos, I’ll give you non-technical suggestions that will help you duplicate my results. 
  • Every post includes a link to an accompanying gallery of photos, and the galleries themselves can all be accessed independently. Scroll down to this month’s featured galleries, or back up to the menus at the top of this page.
January-March 2018


Monument Valley (Click)

Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge (Click Photo)

Bisti Badlands (Click Photo)

White Sands National Monument (Click Photo)

Uxmal (Click photo)

Yellowstone National Park (Click photo)

January-March 2018

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All the Beauty in the World!



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